How can I get a loan with zamcash?

Three Simple Steps to get a loan

✓Create an account
✓Provide your personal information
✓Receive money withing 5 minutes

Three steps to getting a loan.

  • 1. Create an account

    Sign up, and complete the online form with basic data. All it takes is a few minutes.

  • 2. Provide minimum information.

    Provide your minimum personal information along with necessary documents.

  • 3.Receive mobile money withing 5 minutes

    Confirm your consent to obtain the online loan. You will receive mobile money withing 5 minutes.

The additional benefits of Zamcash

1. You choose the amount and term of the loan. Keep a good credit history, you can access loan amount upto K1,000.

2. You can complete the form anytime to obtain the loan - during the day or night, on holidays and weekends. The transfer is made in realtime.

3. Interest charged will depend on the amount and duration of the loan.

4. You can register and complete the form through your PC or mobile phone. All you need is the Internet. The whole process takes place in real time, without a long wait!

Watch the video to learn how to get a loan in five minutes with zamcash

Zamcash Zambia | Get a loan in Zambia in 5 minutes
Zamcash Zambia | Get a loan in Zambia in 5 minutes

*Note:  you will get your loan money through mobile money Today 

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